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Good Food Box Annual Survey 2018

After sending out surveys to our valuable Good Food Box customers in October 2017, we are now able to share with you some of the results. Some of our milestones in the last year include our website re-launch, our partnerships with Aging in Place, deepening collaboration with Good Food Markets and MarketMobile in the Good Food Initiatives, and new pick-up locations to help improve access to our program. This year, 96 customers from across the city completed a survey.

Here is what you told us:


How many people does your Good Food Box Feed?

4.9% 5 people or more

24.7% 3 or 4 people

34.6% 2 people

35.8% Only me






Why do you get the Good Food Box?  Most of you value the affordability of the food and supporting local farmers. For many customers, your Good Food Box pick-up site is close to home. Others said that trying new types of food and “swapping food items with other people is fun”.


How long have you been getting a Good Food Box?

19.5% over 5 years

10.4 %% 1st time

27.3% 2nd or 3rd time

42.9% over 1 year





What could be included in the box: 72% said that they want more vegetables and 67% said that they want more fruit in their boxes. Tropical fruits, herbs and spices continue to be popular suggestions. We always aim to include produce that is in season and grown as close to home as possible but we also include mangoes sometimes. Look out for strawberries in the boxes over the summer!


Here are some of your suggestions on how we can improve:

  • “Could you send out a list of order and delivery dates for the year that I could put on my fridge to remind me when to give my order” or “send out email reminders”
  • “Offer more often (2x/month)”
  • “Email a list of what’s coming so we can prep a meal plan around produce that’s arriving and work into budget regularly”
  •  “Make pick-up more accessible”
  • “More recipes”
  • “Have fresher produce”
  • “Better social media presence”


Here is what some of you said you like about the Good Food Box:

  • “Gives a chance to try different veggies that normally wouldn’t buy. I like the info on unfamiliar veggies in the newsletter ie. Kohlrabi”
  • “Affordable, nutritious and convenient!”
  •  “Meeting with friendly helpful people, brighten my day when I pick up my box.”

This year, we will be working on improving our social media presence and communication with our customers while working closely with our partners. A huge thank you to all of you who provided us with your feedback and congratulations to our lucky draw winners, Anne and Azaëlle; they each won a $5 GFB fruit bag gift certificate!


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