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The Good Food Box brings affordable fresh fruits and vegetables to neighbourhoods throughout Ottawa.  We have sites from Orleans to Constance Bay.  Your donation will help us get fresh, healthy, affordable food to those who need it.

In Ottawa, one in ten households experiences some level of food insecurity (CCHS, 2011/2012). Food insecurity, defined as inadequate or insecure access to food because of financial constraints, continues to persist in Ottawa.

In 2016, Ottawa Public Health determined the monthly cost to provide healthy food to a family of four was $865, which is 38% of the $2196 families receive from Ontario Works monthly. Residents relying on social assistance, pensions or low wages often struggle to cover the costs of their basic needs, including food.

For 20 years the Ottawa Good Food Box has been providing monthly boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables at reasonable costs.  We do not make a profit on our box sales. We are committed to purchasing quality produce and delivering the boxes to all areas of Ottawa.  Your donation will assist with transportation costs for the climate-controlled trucks, and help improve the health of local families. You’ll give families access to quality fresh fruits and vegetables year round and help them learn about nutrition and healthy eating that will help keep them healthy for their lifetime.

It is SUPER fresh, local and the food miles are lower than if I buy elsewhere. It is important to support our Canadian farmers. The variety and quantity of produce is fantastic and good value - Customer