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Our Boxes

The Ottawa Good Food Box offers 5 different products:

  • $20 box* – recommended for 3-4 people.
  • $15 box* – recommended for 2 people.
  • $10 box* – recommended for 1 person.
  • $5 fruit bag – includes 4-5 different fruit varieties
  • $25 organic box* – recommended for 2 people. All organic & often local products.

* 60% vegetables, 40% fruit; 7-11 items

Click HERE to see a recent example of what comes in each of our boxes!

What type of items can I expect in a box?

The contents of our boxes vary every week according to what is of good value. You’ll always find carrots, onions, bananas, apples and oranges in your box. You’ll receive potatoes in your box every other month.

The remaining 2 to 6 varieties you’ll find in your box will vary depending upon the season, availability and cost. The Ottawa Good Food Box likes to support local farmers as much as we can so you can expect some local produce (depending on the season).


Customers will also receive a copy of our monthly newsletter containing recipes as well as information about nutrition, healthy living, and other food-related topics.

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