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The fee goes to support our online ordering option, helping with transaction fees and website costs.

In person cash orders: As our sites are run by volunteers, this varies by location, but it’s usually sometime in the first week of the month. Online orders: The deadline is the Monday of the second week of the month.

The boxes are delivered to neighbourhood pickup locations. Door to door delivery is not possible. You can have someone else pick up your box for you if you aren’t able to do so yourself.

Your box is packed by our volunteers. They pack 500-600 boxes in one day. That’s a lot of boxes! It isn’t possible to customize boxes. Some of our customers have great success swapping items with other customers during pickup, and it’s one of the highlights of picking up for them.

Every other month we put potatoes in the box, as some customers love potatoes; and others, not so much.

Unfortunately no; the shipping address request is a standard question on the platform that we use. The pick-up location you selected before you proceeded with the payment details will be where we deliver your order to.

Make sure to bring bags. We need the box to pack your next order, so they can’t be taken home.

Talk to your pickup site coordinator when you pick up your box. The coordinator will happily give you a credit for damaged produce.

If you ordered the organic box, then yes, all box contents are organic. If you ordered one of the regular boxes, then no, it is not organic. We do add a local, organic item or two to all boxes when possible.

First, check your box contents to see if you have extra items. As we often have to order by weight, sometimes the produce is larger than expected, so we need to substitute for some boxes. The good news is that all substitutions are of equal or greater value than the original item. It could also be that your box accidentally didn’t receive its pepper, in which case, let your site coordinator know right away, and you’ll get a credit for the next month. This applies to other vegetables and fruits as well.

Yes, of course! Anyone can order a box. Our goal is to increase access to affordable fresh fruits and vegetables. We need a minimum number of orders to keep a pickup site open due to the cost of transportation. Your support of the program helps us do that. If you’d like to help more, you can add a donation to your order.

Box pickup is the third Wednesday of the month. If you live in the east end of the city, pickup is the day before (Tuesday) in the afternoon. Check with your pickup site coordinator for specific pick up times, or your receipt.

Click on ‘Find my location”, select the location you chose (i.e. Centretown Community Health Centre), and then click on “More Information”. This will you bring you to a page that will have the contact information of the site coordinator as well as pick-up details.

We only issue full refunds if the majority of your box contents is received in poor quality. For single items, we offer discounts/credits. Please email us at for more details.

The Good Food Box arrives at work, arrives regularly, gives an opening for conversation with parents of our students about nutrition - Volunteer