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Our Farmers

Ferme Chapeau Melon

We farm 2 hectares of vegetables (sweet potatoes, melons, garlic) + greens in 3 greenhouses total of 800m2. We also do field crop (organic rye and wheat) on 12 hectares. We started up in 2012 at PFAAG on 0,4 hectares, probably the best place to start a farm. François has a degree in agronomy and was eager to be actively involved in working with the land. In managing and operating his farm, he has enjoyed the challenges that have come up and has been able to put his knowledge to practical use.  After 5 years of transition François has finally quit his job to farm full time. Although he is working hard not to need luck, he would certainly take it, if it comes. Ferme Chapeau Melon The Good Food Box purchases melons (cantaloupe, watermelon), sweet potatoes, garlic scapes, and squash from the farm, plus kale from the greenhouses in winter.

Ferme aux Pleines Saveurs

This family farm is the fruit of a long labour by owners Martin Turcot and Chantale Vaillancourt, each from a long line of farmers. In turn, they pass on the values inherited from the agricultural world to their two children, Alexia and Nathaël. What lies before your eyes is the interpretation of a dream shared by two enthusiasts who have chosen to dedicate their lives to the development of this nourishing land. Since 2002, the Ferme aux pleines saveurs has been bringing out the best of this piece of land on rang Ste-Madeleine, using organic agriculture methods. The discerning eye will have seen the farm change over the years, with increasingly fertile soils which produce their share of tasty and healthy fruits and vegetables. Martin and Chantale take utmost care of these soils in order to hand them down to future generations who will carry on the noble work of nourishing! Ferme aux Pleines Saveurs The Good Food Box purchases a variety of produce from the farm including kale, swiss chard, Asian greens, tomatoes, beets, squash, cabbage, and lesser known items like kohlrabi, celeriac, and Jerusalem artichokes.

Barkley’s Apple Orchard

Barkley’s Apple Orchard is a family run orchard, just outside of Morrisburg, Ontario. We have fresh strawberries in the spring, apples in the fall and a wide range of homemade preserves to choose from. Bill Barkley’s ancestor received the land now known as Barkley’s Apple Orchard as a UEL land grant in 1790, making Bill the 7th generation of his family on the property. Bill started planting the apple orchard in 1982 and strawberries in 1990. The Good food box purchases leeks, strawberries and apples from Barkley’s Apple Orchard. Bill donates his delicious apple cider to our packing day. Barkley’s Apple Orchard

Our Little Farm

Passionate about ecological agriculture, we believe that local organic veggies are the first step towards a remarkable food experience, a vibrant community and a healthier planet. After years of working on organic farms, we started Our Little Farm in 2011. As a young family farm, we grow 35 different types of certified organic vegetables in Lochaber-partie-ouest (Qc), on the outskirts of Gatineau. We offer weekly and biweekly organic CSAvegetable boxes in Ottawa, Gatineau and Thurso. We love food, sharing our favorite recipes, giving back to the community, and contributing to building a better food system. Our team consists of a permanent team of three farmers- Farmers Jim, Genevieve and Rachelle- which is joined by a seasonal team of 2-3 keen young people interested in sustainable agriculture during the growing season each year. Our Little Farm The Good Food Box is looking forward to adding more vegetables from Our Little Farm to our boxes.

I love the price and the quality of the food. I love that it supports local farmers - Customer